Kitty Jump – Jumping Game That Sends Felines A-Flying

Kitty Jump

For parents who need to keep their kids busy!  Looking for a game that provides just the right amount of challenge without getting too strategic or aggressive? Sometimes, as mobile users, we just want something to pass the time as we wait in line. In some cases, it’s nice to have a simple game that kids can play that have nothing to do with warring worlds or alien invasions. Kitty Jump is just that. It’s a game that has players

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Millionaire GOLD – A Thrilling and Challenging Game

Millionaire GOLD app

And a worthwhile pastime tool! The Millionaire GOLD app is an interesting take of the television game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This show has been done in many countries with great success in each of them. Just like in the show, the app’s user tries to answer a series of questions correctly. The concept is really simple for any of the 5500 queries you solve in the 15 difficulty levels you are given a point that should

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Fire Planes – Fighting Forest Fires

Fire Planes app

Keeps players on their toes! For a high-flying adventure that takes pilots of all ages into the air on a daring rescue missions, look no further than a newly released app called Fire Planes – Fighting Forest Fires. While fairly simple to play, it keeps players on their toes, or more correctly, on their fingertips tapping away strategically to make sure their flying apparatus makes it through treacherous terrain to terminate fires. When you first download the game, it takes

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Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold– A New Adventure Awaits

An adventure game riddled with puzzles and hidden objects! Coming soon to app stores, Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold is the latest offering to come from SDP Games. It’s an adventure game riddled with puzzles and hidden objects that is fully interactive and immensely engaging with realistic 3D graphics. It transports players into a new world, full of mysterious events and unforgettable experiences. The setting is Thailand in 1947, a place teeming with exotic characters, myths, and legends

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