Build Your Fitness with Spartan Home Workouts

People need a gym for different reasons. Some go there to lose or gain weight, while others to just keep fit. I needed it for a simple reason: to build my muscles. One way was to find a personal trainer. Who would help me create a workout routine and achieve my desired result but the pandemic happened? During the lockdown, everyone was stuck at home. Since I wasn’t going out, I needed to tone my muscles and build my fitness.

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Play Heroes, and Go on an Adventure in the Desert

Matching patterns seems easy; maybe that is why many people love match3 games. But with Heroes, it is both exciting and adventurous. This special game looks like a typical puzzle game, except that you are not matching the patterns to build or prevent a wall. You are playing to overcome a monster that is terrorizing the caravan. How to Play Many lovers of match3 games will find Heroes unique, yet, the rules are the same. The adventure game has six

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Convert Your Tweets to Beautiful Instagram Pictures with InstaTweet App

So, you are as active on Twitter as you are on Instagram – that is great! But how do you post your tweets to Instagram? You don’t have to take screenshots and crop. You don’t need to get frustrated by different unyielding approaches. As your tweets are wonderful, then present them in beautiful forms to your Instagram followers. Remember, they love to see beautiful things from you. But that is now easier than ever before, all thanks to InstaTweet, an

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Challenge Your Brain to Find Differences That You Ordinarily Overlook

Spot the Difference app

Importance of ‘find the difference’ games! Find the difference or spot the difference games are the ones that belong to the logical set of games and puzzles using which a person can not only enjoy but also learn. These kinds of games are also popular among parents as these “find the difference” help kids learn new stuff, achieve an educational edge, and also in getting entertainment for free. We want you to know that these games are more important than

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Softros Office LAN chat – A Secure and Instant Network Messenger

The Softros Office Messenger for LAN is not just another messaging app out there in the Internet space. It is a very secure and trustworthy networking message app that is used in corporate Local Area Network (LAN). With just a tap, the chat application can be downloaded and installed on your device. This app comes in handy as it has several features such as instant messaging notifications from other users, you can send personal messages and create a group chat

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Free and Secure Code Scanner- Dhiway SEQR Scanner

Dhiway SEQR app

Again, there is bound to be an error when dealing with several online websites and payment gateways. This can often be blamed on so many individual shortcomings, causing problems in every facet of business or loss of money. But the Dhiway SEQR Scanner cut down the mistakes and take quite a bit of that human error out of the equation. Fewer mistakes happen with this QR code App. The SEQR is designed to help users identify unsafe content or insecure

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LogicLike Takes Brain Teaser Gaming to the Next Level

LogicLike app

There are many types of games available to the average consumer ranging from sports, role-playing, and first-person shooters. Developers create all of these different types of gaming genres intending to challenge the person who is holding the controller or mobile device. However, some of the more interesting and challenging games reside in the world of logic games. Developers create logic games to test your knowledge, make you think hard, and the overall goal of learning and building intelligence. LogicLike is

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Vulture Increases the Life Span of Batteries


Vulture is a user-friendly application that is capable of capturing the attention of the lucky individuals who download it and takes advantage. The application is available on both Amazon and the google play store for the wonderful price of USD 0.99. The logo is very easy to spot out because it is a bright-colored vulture, and there is no other application that you will find similar. Vulture is a social network application that enables users to connect to their profile

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