Music with Grandma Teaches the Basics of Music

Music with Grandma app

Music with Grandma is an iPhone app for children to use. This application aims at teaching children the basics of music. This includes: Learning about different types of music, learning about different types of instruments, learning about the different types of musical scales and notes, learning about the types of notes and how long they are held, and they are also taught how to read music and follow patterns. The interface of the application is very bright and colorful. The

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Peace of Mind – Effective, Easy to Use Blocker

Peace of Mind app

Tired of poor performance from your iPhone or iPad, and know that its due to CPU-sucking ads that infiltrate your space? Well, fret no morePeace of Mind is the easy to use app that will help prevent outsiders from stealing whats yours your power on your machine. An added benefit that comes with is the notion of knowing that you can also block spies who want to capture and exploit your every move in the apps you use and any

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My Cards Lite to Store All Your Cards

My Cards Lite app

This application acts as a digital wallet. You can use this application to store all of your card numbers, passwords, and account number with you, in your phone at all times. When you first open the application. You are prompted to register for an account with the application. Once the account has been registered, you must add a user. Once you click the plus sign icon, you have to fill out the fields and continue. Once your user profile is

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Spy Mic Bodyguard Protects Your Privacy

Spy Mic Bodyguard app

This Security Program has a very simplistic user interface. As you open the app, a menu screen opens. On this page, there are six options: Scan Now, Watch Dog, Block Mic, Mic Apps, Trusted Apps, Read More. There is also a menu button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. When you click on this button, two options open: Settings, and Premium. From the settings you can adjust the Watch Dog frequency and what they are looking for. These

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Workout app for a Complete Gym Workout

Workout app

This application was created for someone who frequents the gym daily. The concept behind this application is to provide gym workouts for users, so that they can target certain muscle groups, or parts of their body. With this application, you can also track your daily workouts. When you first open the app, you first see a very muscular man appear on the screen. Parts of his body are labeled with various muscle groups or body parts. These body sections are:

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Kombie for Creative Video Editing

Kombie screenshot

Kombie a creative, video-editing application, has now entered the app store. This application has the potential to be the next popular social-media platform. Kombie allows its users to search through their databases of video clips, and thread those clips together with their own personal recordings or videos. Registering for this application is a very simple process. The process begins with simple prompts from the application to either register your Kombie account through Facebook, or you can use an email address,

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Run and Rock-it Kristie – Rockin Frolicking around Town to Reach Stardom

Run and Rock-it Kristie header

Gaming these days has reached heights unimagined; sometimes to the point that games can turn players away with logic so complex, its almost impossible to get anywhere. Then, along come some games that are so simple, yet challenging if you want them to be. Run and Rock-it Kristie is just such a game. Game play is based on the basic platforming setup, where you tap on a shoe to give Kristie a boost, allowing her to jump up and avoid

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6Tribes – Social Media Specializing in What You Love

6Tribes app

Do you find yourself spending endless hours scouring and fishing through posts in Facebook? Love Pinterest but wish you could interact more with the folks who have posted on topics youve pinned to your bulletin board? Well, now you can merge the best of both worlds and find it automatically in one app 6Tribes. Yes, there is an app that lets you engage in riveting, informative and stimulating social settings based on what interests you! Anthony Rose, creator of BBCs

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Out of Brakes – Fast-Paced Fun

Out of Brakes app

Simple in nature, but fun to play, Out of Brakes will have you zooming past obstacles in a race that rushes adrenaline through your veins. In the traditional arcade style, players pick racers and race them to the finish line. The trick is, your racer has no brakes. It has no speed control, either. The game itself starts you off at one speed and then accelerates you automatically. Your job is to manage maneuverability to cross the finish line, without

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Tap Tap Egg Keeps Your Mind Off Other Things

Tap Tap Egg app

Every one of us faces those times when all we want is something simple to pass time. It could be in a waiting room waiting to go and see the dentist or on the train waiting to reach your destination. Such are the times when apps like Tap Tap Egg come in handy. The give you a mission to accomplish that doesn’t require you to do a lot of thinking. The app is designed to keep you fully occupied to

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