Auto Law Pro – Annotate Automobile Incidents Effortlessly

If you ever been in an accident…  Protecting your rights when you are caught in a situation or an incident while driving can be crucial to ensure you are not dealt an unfair hand. Oftentimes, many people don’t know their rights and assume that the police will make the right decisions. If you have ever been in an accident or were stopped by a police officer for a DUI, supposed traffic violation or any other reason, there is any easy

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SelfieAlbum – Taking Selfies in a Snap


Calling all selfie lovers out there…and who isn’t!  Sometimes you’re just in a moment that you have to share, and you are not about to leave the responsibility of capturing magical moment to just anyone. Selfies have made sharing experiences and bringing those that are not present into the here and now. SelfieAlbum helps to keep those precious pics of you a bit organized by aligning them to a calendar that’s embedded in the app. As you snap away at yourself,

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Uscreen – A Powerful Video-Subscription Platform that Performs

Market and share your videos!  While many will argue that “content is king,” there is much to learn on how to make your content king. It does not happen overnight, but more importantly, the type of content you use can mean a make-it or break-it situation for you and your goal. As so many flood the cloud with static content that is just words popping off the page, some strategies for sharing call for more vibrant and dynamic content. That’s

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Local Snaps – Have the World in Your Pocket

Share the world from your eyes! Have you ever wanted an image of a physical attraction so badly to the extent of sending friend requests to random people living in the specific location just to have them take a photo for you? Well, thanks to Local Snaps, you won’t need to do that anymore. This app has been designed to give people from all over the world access to photos from different parts of the world. It’s like having the

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Talk To Me – Innovations in Messaging or Communication Apps

Talk To Me

Make voice messaging an easier, better, and more interactive experience! When voice messaging became popular, revolutionizing the way messages are “delivered”, everyone latched onto it, seeing a more “personal” alternative to SMS or text messaging. It did not take long after countless voice messaging apps cropped up, offering to make voice messaging an easier, better, and more interactive experience. GSoft LLC introduced its take on how this mode of communication should be done with its latest app, aptly called Talk

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Organize Your Applications with Glextor AppManager


This is a handy multi-featured application! One thing that seem to be among the hardest things to do when you have an android phone is to organize your applications. This is more so when you have quite a number of applications. Though there is a default Android application drawer, it may not serve you as you wish. When having quite a number of application you may want to customize some of these application for easier use and such matters like

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Uscreen – Market and Sell Videos, Safely and Easily


An easy way to sell videos! Social media and sharing of content has exploded in popularity and frequency, with YouTube harboring the bulk of attention when it comes to easily distributing and publishing videos. However, it does not provide for an easy way to sell videos. You can bait and reel in interest by posting a few freebies, but after that, the real challenge comes in how to market, share and sell them is an easy to use but far-reaching

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Stylematch – Global Fashion Design – for anyone!


Fill your closet with various pieces of clothing!  Most of us love to shop, especially when the recipient is you. The headache with shopping is having to drive around town, looking for just the right color, just the right fit and just the right style. You may have seen a special skirt in your favorite fashion magazine, and even noted the store from which it hails, but maybe you’ve decided to look for something similar from another designer or retailer

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Animate Your Pics Effortlessly – Cam Animate

Cam Animate

Make custom digital greetings from still photographs!  If you are looking for a unique way to send a digital greeting, look no further than Cam Animate. Sleek by name and just as easy to use, this app lets you take any snapshot you capture and makes a little more fun by overlaying it with a simple but impactive animation. It’s free to download for all iOS devices, so you can carry it with you wherever you go and it makes

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ALIVE – Video Editor – Mini-Movie Making On the Go

Posting Videos has never been easier!  Capturing special moments in life and sharing them with others is something we all love to do. It’s so easy to freeze the moment, in either a still photo or a moving picture, and send it to friends and family anywhere in the world, thanks to the plethora of apps that reside on mobile devices, powered by the cloud. But, what if you can take a video you just saved and make a tad

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