Has Everything You Need

Mobile Casino is an app that has been recently developed this October 2014. This app is suitable for the entertainment of the whole family with guidance to the 17 years old and above. There is no reason for you to go to the casino anymore because this app has everything you need all at once. And by the way, there is also the option to play online casino, if you prefer to play the desktop version. It does not drain your

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Fly and Learn in Reach for the Skies

Reach for the Skies app

Children would prefer to use an app to play games, while their parents would have them use technology as a tool to learn. Reach for the Skies is an app that offers fun action as well as some education to boot. There are different categories to play with – even an option to create your own questions. The categories also have different levels that come with age recommendations. The only downside is that you have to pay for the Flags

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Manipulate Gravity to Solve Puzzles in Block Mate

Block Mate

Are you looking for an app that will test your brain power? There are numerous types of puzzle and geometrically challenging games available to download as an app. Some are great, others are repeats or just not unique enough to provide a challenge. Block Mate is a game that presents a simple goal through a mind-bending process. Just like other great puzzle games, Block Mate is addicting once you get the hang of it. It provides enough entertainment to want

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Deep Defence – Aim to be the Last Tank Standing

Deep Defence

Looking for a simple, yet fun game to fill up small moments of your day? Download Deep Defence and let the gaming begin! Deep Defence takes you straight to a battlefield where you maneuver your tank around other tanks, both moving and stationary, to defend yourself against the enemy. Tanks will come at you while fighter planes will fly overhead youll see their shadows stream across the screen. Your mission is to stay intact and take out tanks that enter

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Trail of Shadows: Origin – Mysterious and Murky Adventure to Uncover the Truth

trail of shadows origin app

Are you looking for a different kind of game that you can take with you anywhere you go, while you, yourself venture through a maze of rooms and places unfamiliar and enticing? Well, Trail of Shadows: Origin is just the game for you. Origin, brought to us by Mohamed Elzankaly, is the next in a series of adventures craftily created by the developer. It is a tap and click adventure game that moves at different pace; and, for just $1,

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Slots Pharaohs Way – Enjoy the Exotic of Egypt

Slots Pharaohs way app

Simulated slots are sending folks for a spin, giving them a chance to play their favorite game without having to leave the comfort of home. Slots Pharaoh’s Way brings the exotic of Egypt and pairs it with the fun of slot machine gaming, allowing players to work their way through levels, taking higher risks for greater returns, and eventually making it through all the realms that the game has to offer. Pharaoh’s Way is a multi-slot gaming dynamic that allows

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Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire Comes Packed with With Excitement

Slots Pharaohs Fire app

Tired of driving to remote destinations to find the slots you seek? Unless you live in Las Vegas, chances are you don’t have slots just around the corner. For those of you who need to get your slot machine fix every so often, without wasting time getting to and from, be sure to check out and download Slots Pharaoh’s Fire. With everything available on apps, you can now bet your bottom dollar that slots would be there, too. This app

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Happy Fruits – Colors and Fun Explode in Slots for All

Happy Fruits app

Bursting with fun, Happy Fruits Pub Slots is a slot machine gaming app for the iPhone and iPad that will send you reeling with ecstatic happiness the minute you start playing. Fruit-themed, and colored just the same, this app is a single-themed slot machine that revolves around fruits, colors, and happiness. If you are like me and you seek slots that entertain not only by paying out well, but offers up an experience that leaves a smile on your face,

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Select Your Favorite Slot Machine with Gaminator


The game is a typical casino play with Gaminator enabled mechanisms compatible with mobile devices. This game comes as a charge-free package of genuine Gaminator features, 3D quality graphics, and distinctive sound effects. With this game, youll enjoy a real Gaminator experience while playing with your desired casino slots. Below is a brief overview of the Gaminator game for iPhones. Gaminator is an online casino game of chance strictly made for entertainment purposes. The game entails simple steps of selecting

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Capture and Master the Basics of Thai Language – Thai Alphabet Game F

Thai Alphabet Game F

This game is a linguistic guide that guides you through the different idioms, alphabets, and letters in the Thai language. It avails a discreet interface that provides relevant alphabets and numbers available in Thai language, also provides an easy way to write, pronounce, and understand each alphabet and its meaning. The app is perfectly designed to suit beginners, kids, and foreigners with a simpler way to study and learn the Thai language. To capture and master the basics of Thai

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