Hit RPG Illusion Connect is Coming to the West – Here’s a Rundown of the 6 Factions

After a splash in China and more Asian countries, Illusion Connect is already one of the most popular tactical shojo action-RPG in China. While anyone who outside China and interested in gocha game or anime style could finally get the chance to try the game soon, as they just open pre-registration on their stie. If you haven’t heard of Illusion Connect, that’s only because it’s only available in China. That’s set to change in the near future, meaning we’ll all

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Influence Your Buyer Persona with Mobilo Card

Have you ever wondered why tap-and-go services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay succeed? Contactless technology is emerging in more aspects of our everyday life; from payments which don’t require us to take cash out of our wallet to games which can be updated and interact with video games. Mobilo Card is an innovative app, developed by Lulu Systems Inc. based in New York City, that has both NFC and a QR Code integrated to guarantee your targeted

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Achieve Your Fitness Goal with My Walk Tracker App

My Walk Tracker app

Whether you run at the gym after work or make refreshment walking around a track on the weekends, putting one foot in front of the other is essential for you. It reduces your risk of developing high blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, depression and more. So, when it comes to choosing the best place for your walk, and wondering which is better, treadmill versus trail, or road? With My Walk Tracker, you don’t need a gym membership.

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Marble Jetpack Game Keeps You Glued

Having played Marble Jetpack for the last week, I can honestly say that it is one of the most addictive games I have played so far. It has a simplistic goal which is to beat the clock and collect stars along the way with a few twists thrown in. There are enemy marbles that float and try to shoot you and you have to jetpack yourself from island to island without drowning in the water between them. You start off

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Front Runners Game Is a Perfect App for Your Revolutionary Children

Front Runners

Children and their addiction to games have always been an issue. As an increasing number of 4-11-year olds now getting access to smartphones, a lot of them are already hooked on to these devices and the games on them. We’re seeing less and less of good old-fashioned games like duck-duck-goose, and hula hoops, and more and more of iPads, TVs, and video game consoles. However, there is always a bright side to it. The golden lining here is that the

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Secret Photo Album App Hides Your Photos on iPhone

Over the past three months, I have had three significant life changes; I recently became single, moved back into my parent’s house, and decided to try online dating. Meeting up with potential suitors is difficult enough, but even more so, when you have parents that like to snoop. In addition, I have this terrible habit of misplacing my phone all over the house.  Now, I would like to think that my mom wouldn’t go through my phone if she found it, but

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Esploder – A Puzzle Game Where Stars Explode!

Esploder image

Nothing is as calming as the feeling of looking up in the sky at night and staring at those twinkling stars. The mystery of the universe with so many stars, planets, black holes, and all sorts of celestial phenomena has evoked our imagination since forever. Many video games have been inspired by this too. And so is the Esploder puzzle game! A unique fusion of the space genre with puzzle-solving, Esploder offers a great way of having fun. And you

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Swiperly – Test Your Swiping Skills


If you are Dora the Explorer fan, and you like “Swiper no swiping!” then this game may not be for you, but if you can put that aside, you will have tons of fun playing. The key to this game is knowing how to swipe, in what direction to swipe, how fast to swipe and when to swipe. The object of the game is to move your playing piece, which is a ball, across a playing field. This may be

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